Trudy Rice

'Using the non-toxic process of solar plate etching, I utilise the same sun my specimens are found and drawn in. It is a quick, simple, non-toxic etching process, using the sun and water instead of acids and solvents to etch the plate. I process my existing pen and ink drawings with a plate made of polymer film with a steel backing which is then exposed to the sun then developed in the local rain water. This printmaking process is called 'Intaglio' meaning a design incised or engraved into a material. Solar plates are inked up and printed by hand on BFK Rives paper, a sustainable cotton rag, often running handmade paper through the press up to 20 times to produce a one-off piece of art.'


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Recent exhibitions include
 Memories of a Forest Walk, Eagles Nest Gallery, Airey's Inlet 2018 In My Garden, Port Jackson Press, Melbourne; Garden, Carlisle St Art Space, Melbourne 2017 Coming Into Spring, Port Jackson Press 2015 Oceanus, Port Jackson Press 2014 Dragons & Banksias, Firestation Print Studio, Melbourne 2012 Fragility, Firestation Print Studio

2021 TACIT Still Life Prize, Melbourne; Discover Paper, Sydney Contemporary; Albert Park College Show, Melbourne; St Kevin's Art Show, Melbourne  2020 Drawing Inspiration, Queenscliff Gallery; Plants, Sydney Botanic Gardens; Editions, Tacit Galleries 2019 Sydney Contemporary; Albert Park College Show; Historia, Queenscliff Gallery; Collection, Lauriston Press, Kyneton 2018 Lustre, Queenscliff Gallery; Contemporary Impressions, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne; Winter Exhibition, Port Jackson Press, Melbourne; Overwintering, Firestation Print Studio, Melbourne; Overwintering, Megalo Press, Canberra; Counterweave Arts Gallery and Workshop, Rome; Firestation in Florence, Fondazione II Bisonte, Florence 2017 Summer Impressions, Port Jackson Press; Imaginings, Neospace, Melbourne; Tracing the LinePort Jackson Press; Peebles Print Prize, Queenscliff; Global Oceans, Hahndorf Academy, South Australia; Counterweave Arts Gallery and Workshop; Advantage Road, Graeme Altmann Gallery, Highett 2016 ProofPort Jackson Press