Vanessa Jaber - 'Compassionate Being'

Thursday 9 November - Sunday 17 December 2017

"The inspiration for the exhibition came from a friend who lives in Copenhagen. She shared a selfie of herself in Assisi; she was in front of this beautiful old building and some olive trees. Presence and power came through as if it was being delivered through a photo. From here the question; what is our own impact and do we ever get the opportunity to see what we impress upon the world?

This laid the foundation for this exhibition. What is our mirror unto the world?

Something happens to me and many of us when we are in nature. It is almost like we forget who we think we are. In that forgetting there is almost a remembrance and this is another facet of the work: to come back to something unified without the need to achieve something, or be somewhere or do something.

The project itself and throughout tries not to fantasise life and instead show everyday moments that we all share, but that we may not always recognise in our hearts. All depends upon how you, the viewer, relates to the moments in my photos. Is something inside you touched that may allow light in a forgotten corner of your heart? If you find a long lost moment that made you whole once, all my work in creating these moments will have been worth it.