Virginia Ryan

"The strategy of Virginia Ryan who states the right to her own imagery, fleeing the logic of dual extremism: globalisation or tribalisation. She adopts the tactics of cultural nomadism to escape the perverse consequence of a tribal identity. At the same time she claims symbolic production against the commodification of a now global economy. In this way she states the right to the diaspora, to multicultural, transnational and multimedia crossing. She thus eludes any logic of belonging through a fundamental choice which tends to deny the value of space, habitat and the respective surrounding anthropology, in favour of a value of time condensed in the form of the work.....

Painting, sculpture, photography, design and architecture interweave in the production of installations that can stand in any space, but without the risk of being totally integrated. The nomadism and eclecticism of style that supports the form helps the establishment of a gradual decomposition with respect to the spatial unity of the productive moment and the temporal unity of the moment of contemplation. Virginia Ryan's work acts like a blender that creates interaction between the various forms of language and dematerialises every traditional aesthetic category......''

Achille Bonito Oliva

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Recent exhibitions include
2020 Praesentia, Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2019
Voltar, Studio Poerio, Rome; Shift, Alchimie Sonori Festival, Calabria; Atelier #4, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome 2018 I Will Shield You, Castello di Postignano, Umbria 2017 I Will Shield YouTempio di Adriano, Rome; Boucliers, AKKA Fair, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris; Selling Dreams, Janet Clayton Gallery, Sydney 2016 I Will Shield You, Pinacoteca di Trevi; I Will Shield You, Galleria Montero, Rome 2015 Vous etes ici, Musee de La Patrimoine Culturel, Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast 2014 Emersioni, Trebisonda Centro Per L'Arte Contemporanea; Espace a'louer, Galerie Cecile Fakhoury, Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Fluid Tales, Museo Pino Pascali 2013 Castaways Project, Museo Archeologico, Arezzo 2013 I Love You, Opera Gallery, Naples; Shift, St Stephens Cultural Centre, Rome 2012 Eight Peace DiamondsGalerie Cecile Fakhoury 2011 In Transitu, Venice Biennale; In Transitu, Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh 2010 Surfacing, Dakar Biennal, Senegal; Exposures, Biennale of Malindi, Kenya 2009 Castaways Project, Spazio Ottagoni, Rome 2007 Castaways Project, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester; Exposures, St Stephens Cultural Centre 2006 Blues For Charlie, Goethe Institute, Accra, Ghana

2020 20[2020], Tacit Galleries, Melbourne 2019 24 Hours Creating a New Day, La Dame Art Gallery, London; Fronteiras Abertas, Museo Oscar Niemeyer, Bienal de Curitiba, Brazil; All Year Round, Palazzo Collachioni, Capabalio, Italy; Cape Town Art Fair, South Africa 2018 Fibre Arte Biennale, Palazzo Collicola Art Museum, Spoleto; Com-Plicit, Museo della Canapa, Sant’Anatolia di Narco; Biennale Alto, Cibiana di Cadore; Con-texto, Gallery Sinopia, Rome; Il Sangue delle Donne, Palazzo Fibbioli, L’Aquila 2017 FibreArt, Museo del’Tessuto, Spoleto Festival 2016 The Tower of Babel, Schema Projects, New York, The Tower of Babel, Givatayim Gallery, Tel Aviv; Head On Festival, Sydney Museum 2015 Karlsruhe Art Fair; Water Art Women Life, A&M University, Texas; Malmo Feminist Festival; Wasser, Kunst, Frauen, Leben, Interkulturelles Frauenzentrum, Berlin 2014 Dakar Biennal, Senegal; Agua, Arte, Mujeres, Vida, University of Los Lagos, Santiago, Chile 2013 Open 16, Isola di San Servolo, Venice Biennale 2012 Limen International Art Prize, Calabria [Winner]; Un Museo Per Un Museo, Museo del Mare, Genoa