Aldona Kmieć - Veil

Wednesday 31 July -  Sunday 18 August 2024

Click here for artwork by Aldona Kmieć 

My art practice reflects my cross-cultural experience as an outsider and explores migrant narratives and sense of displacement.

Recent work focuses on long-exposure photographs of myself, dancing. Producing this series involved labour-intensive repetition of the body movement and wearing layers of colourful compositions. This kind of repetitive and physical effort required to create a photograph is a form of contemplation itself and it helps to increase the awareness of my body and mind. The colours I choose are connected to my emotions, the red and white Polish flag and historical Polish cultural motifs such as the monument to the Heroes of Warsaw, also known as the Warsaw Nike, in Greek mythology a goddess who personified victory.

Capturing the intended shape and movement in just one photographic frame is complex yet fulfilling, like producing a painting with your own body.