Alison Aplin - Harmony & Contrast

Wednesday 29 May - Sunday 16 June 2024

Click here for artwork by Alison Aplin

Alison Aplin's abstract expressionist art has a poignancy about it, rendered by the multiple layering of her work. There is an intensity in this collection of works bidding the viewer to look deeper into each piece. Her compositions use a variety of colour, both harmonious and contrasting, to achieve maximum impact. She wants you to stop, hang around, look longer and become immersed in the complexities of her visual imagery and mark making.

As an established artist, Aplin, based in Western Victoria, has lived a life full of experiences. Intense and forever active who thinks deeply, Aplin's character translates to the depth in her paintings. An award winning  sustainable landscape designer, her designs incorporate structural and unstructured elements, an approach reflected in her paintings. Wabi sabi (the love of imperfection) is broadcasted and celebrated loudly in all of her artworks as a gesture to the natural state.