Anna Taylor - 'We Are Nature'

Wednesday 6 - Saturday 23 January 2021


“We are nature. Our vascular systems mimic rivers, so too our lungs. My reading of Santiago Ramon y Cajal's The Beautiful Brain introduced me to the brain as nature. Looking at these images I became aware how our brain resembles the bare branches of a tree; we are nature.

We Are Nature.

On aerial flights over Kakadu, I observed that nature is repeated, a crevice in a rock or an escarpment morphed into a river system. The veins within a rock, looked at closely, mirrored a river echoing the same river system as observed from the air.

Nature is a solace.

These paintings and drawings document the repetition of detail and line of the earth’s surface, wrought by the passage of time. Such traces and scars remain indelibly etched into the earth's surface. These works invite us to contemplate the beauty inherent in the patterns of nature.”

Anna Taylor 2020