Anne Mestitz

I seek the poetic. I visualise work in my head as if I have some control over it but it is as fragmented as a dream. The artworks will come about in a trance, intuitively emerging and actualising a particular feeling through manipulating assembled forms and applying colour.




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Exhibition history
2022 Holding Pattern, Tacit Art, Melbourne 
2017 The Unnameable Sound of a Bell, Langford120, Melbourne
2009 Tilted Constant, Pigment Gallery, Melbourne
OMG, Entrepôt Gallery, Hobart
2007 Electric Love, Bett Gallery, Hobart
2004 to gaze and to glance, Kelly’s Garden, Hobart

2022 Of colour and light, West End Art Space, Melbourne 
SUBSTRATE 22, Tacit Art, Melbourne
2021 Abstraction 21, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne 
Mayday, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
Nillumbik Contemporary Art Prize, Melbourne  
2020 Of colour and light, West End Art Space, Melbourne 
Tasmanian Women’s Art Prize, Hobart
2019 Lloyd Rees Art Prize, Colville Gallery, Hobart [winner]
Celebrate 25, Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2018 Timbre, Colville Gallery, Hobart
Annual Artists Show, Colville Gallery, Hobart
The Hutchins Prize, Hobart
Abstraction 21, Langford120, Melbourne
2015 Mad women in the attic, Plimsol Gallery, Hobart
Standback, MAC, Moonah, Hobart
2014 Blue Works, Langford120, Melbourne
SNO 101, Sydney Non-Objective, Sydney
2013 The Z Factor, Plimsol Gallery, Hobart
2012 Sculpture Now, Colville Gallery, Hobart
Frames of Reference, Langford120, Melbourne
2010 Online(fishing), Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart
Conceptual, CAST Gallery, Hobart
2009 Tilted Constant,  Pigment Gallery, Melbourne
OMG, Entrepot Gallery, Hobart 
Hobart City Art Prize, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart
Chance Encounters, Ten Days on the Island, Long Gallery, Hobart 
Geometric Nature, Devonport Regional Art Gallery, Tasmania
2008 Ephemeral Art at the Invisible Lodge, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania 
Sweet Observations of an Interior World, Devonport Regional Art Gallery, Tasmania
Delivery, Plimsol Gallery, Hobart 
2007 Revelation, Port Arthur Project, Tasmania
Electric Love, Bett Gallery, Hobart
2006 Object: 5 Tasmanian Sculptors, Devonport Regional Gallery, Tasmania
2005 Resonator, Long Gallery, Hobart 
Vehicle, CAST Gallery, Hobart
Acidophilus, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart
Against the wall, Inflight Gallery, Hobart