Precious objects desire special homes. Artbox is an opportunity to take a functional object and transform it into an art object that speaks to you and your practice. A desired object to be envied by all.

Made at Tacit, crafted and finished by hand, double primed matt black, these lidded boxes provide an opportunity to transform an object associated with the storage of the most precious of objects into its own precious object.

Entry is $100 - which includes

An Artbox 20 x 25 x 7cm double-primed in matt black

3 week exhibition at Tacit

6 - 23 December ’23

Works will be hosted online with associated sales potential along with extensive social media presence. As it is an invited exhibition, all works delivered will be included in the exhibition. Deadline for delivery is 5pm, Saturday 2 December.

All works must be available for sale and Tacit takes a 30% commission on all sales.

Please note that due to the complexities of production of each Artbox, numbers are limited. Whilst Artbox is invitation-only, we have invited more artists than boxes available - we will be working on a first come, first serve basis.

The possibilities are endless, take up the challenge and join us in celebrating your creativity.

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