Brigitta Wolfram - The Offspring of Instinct

Wednesday 8 - Sunday 26 May 2024

Click here for artwork by Brigitta Wolfram

'Confronting the phantoms of fear, grief and anxiety, my paintings are a feeble attempt to placate my subconscious. Recurring themes of alienation, remorse, the earth’s possible demise and our potential for transformation are explored in an eclectic and irreverent approach. Whilst most of the work is non-representational, I aim to place the creatures, demons and demigods who inhabit some of the work, in an evocative realm, of spatial ambiguity, rich in texture. Collage, also adds an element of surprise and vitality to the images I create.

Purity of purpose, honesty and spontaneity are qualities I value. Uncertainty and unpredictability are driving my experimental creative output, and quietly, an idiosyncratic voice is emerging. My influences are a curious amalgam. I have always been interested in mythology; hence, subtle allegorical references are present. Art Brut, conveying a direct link to the unconscious. The austerity and drama of Giotto’s paintings. The later work of Anselm Kiefer, Russian Icons, Leon Golub, Cy Twombly and Antonin Tapies. Whether quirky or macabre anything can penetrate my psyche, as long as it has an edge.’