Celia Bridle - 'Linear Evocation'

Wednesday 16 June - Saturday 3 July 2021 - NEW DATES


Celia Bridle’s exhibition Linear Evocation expands upon the theme of line and utilises it in skillful ways to evoke a mood and disrupt the picture plane. The images are layered with joyous rainbow hues, stark black graphic lines and the delicate tracery of miniscule detail. This is grand homage to the adoration of mark making. While most of her compositions are based on a central vignette with delicate fading to the edges, within each window view is a bustle of barely contained movement and energy.

The focus of Bridle’s work lies in the working process, in the making of lines and the movement she can evoke. Through layering, composition, colour, and her intricate details she crafts images to investigate space in abstract forms. Intentionally using line work of varied softness or sharpness, and diverse sources, she works with an intuitive impression as the piece takes on its own insistent personality. Re-purposing pieces of printmaking through collage allows for additional types of line in her repertoire. The boldness of linocut commands attention, while etching lends its raised ridges and lithographs offer charcoal soft lines due to the oily crayon that has attracted the heavy ink. Layering through the use of scanning and re-drawing helps to create added depth and texture. The gentle softness of pencil work fuses the more boisterous elements.

(Opening paragraphs from exhibition catalogue essay by Kerrilee Ninnis).