Celia Bridle - 'Vibrant Sweep'

Wednesday 30 October - Sunday 24 November 2019


The lines sweep across the page in fine strokes. Curving together in mass sway, they are thinner here, broader there and sometimes trail off into just a hair’s breadth. Areas of tonality are built in repetition through skillfully adding width or paring down the lines as they flow. This is art from the domain of the engraver now free to explore the landscape of the paper, unfettered.

Celia Bridle’s Vibrant Sweep is a body of digital prints that combine her hand skill with the freedom of new technology to create abstract compositions. It is an exploration by Bridle into the power of line and delicately varied marks to create complex and elusive spaces. Through the combination of painting with minute brushes then scanning and printing, the artist is enabled to transcend the singular layer without losing the tactility of her hand-drawn marks. The freedom that Celia Bridle is able to achieve offers us a journey of exploration into sophisticated line work and delicate surfaces.