Chris Lawry - Somewhere Near Here

Wednesday 21 June - Saturday 8 July


Click here for artwork by Chris Lawry

'Neighbourhood is the idea behind the exhibition. It happens to be mostly my neighbourhood, close to the forests of the Dandenong Ranges, but I believe It’s possible to create an interesting series of prints based on any neighbourhood, anywhere. I deliberately do not specifically name many locations in my titles because of this universal idea. We all have neighbourhoods.

One day, quite early one morning, I was walking by the creek under the bridge. The light was interesting. Deep shadows on the valley floor whilst the treetops were filled with light. And that’s where and when this series began.

The series is not finished, it probably never will be. Now and then, additions will be made - my local forest, or maybe the street where people live and work. The Back of the Shops is a particular view from the walk between train station and bus terminal. Its not all forests. Birdsland is a local conservation area. People walk, or jog around the lake. There are islands in the lake to keep wildlife safe from predators. The twisted old rhododendrons are on the edge of a popular park. I have showed this image to local people but goiong by responses, no-one else seems to have noticed their lovely old twisted trunks. There is always something interesting, even just a change in the weather. I will never stop looking.'