'Costume II' Group Exhibition

Wednesday 6 - Saturday 23 January 2021


1 : the prevailing fashion in coiffure, jewelry, and apparel of a period, country or class
2 : an outfit worn to create the appearance characteristic of a particular period, person, place or thing
3 : a person’s ensemble of outer garments
4: a persona, a public face

politically tactful, ceremonial damn, elegant but somewhat ideal, semi-liturgical, admirable Spanish, obviously cheap, simple and obviously cheap, simple and witching, sufficiently proper, full aquatic, ancient and very curious, plain and pacific, outlandish calico, extremely comfortable and serviceable, otherwise seedy, fanciful and picturesque, nonformal, alarming but effective, barbarous and tasteless, fanciful gala, Scott-national, intentionally dowdy, daintily simple, strange byzantine, startling and flashy, rather plain and austere, baggy comical, nearly primitive, careless dim, picturesque national, complete Mexican, strictly indigenous, distinctive but almost obsolete, local and antique, neat nor gaudy, serviceable and feminine, thoroughly serviceable and feminine, full black-and-white, decanical, general decanical, winter-carnival, showy and fanciful.

Participating artists: Lesley Dickman, Lana de Jager, Ilona Jetmar, Marion Manifold, Marija Patterson