'Costume' - group exhibition

Wednesday 26 October - Saturday 12 November 2022

Curated by Keith Lawrence


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To dress, we veil ourselves in an outer layer of message and creation. Clothing offers us a new perspective, narrating imagined scenarios, offering the wearer other possibilities and the ability to shift identities through an open dialogue between the body and the object. We in turn become captivated, as it begins to provide rich and complex narratives.

Curated from the work of Tacit exhibiting artists, Costume is an exhibition of artworks exploring a sense of self, the notion of a visual identity, public or private, and the interpretive nature of such a presentation. A public face, an outer layer, can reveal or conceal - or simply be. The utilitarian or functional sit side by side with the blossoming of individualism as levels of individuality and personal identities are explored or masked and hidden.

(first two paragraphs from the catalogue essay written by Lillian Bateson)

Participating artists: Maria Barbaro, TJ Bateson, Robyn Burgess, Elizabeth Colbert, Lesley Dickman, Julie Keating, Helen Lehmann, Jim Pavlidis