Craig Daniels - 'Wanderlust: Observations from the Edge'

Wednesday 19 October - Sunday 6 November 2016

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The genesis of Wanderlust: Observations from the Edge comes from the exploration, development and ultimately self-publication of Daniel's book, Heavy Load. The process led him to question his artistic language and in doing so, extended the motifs and themes across various mediums. Colour, depth, composition, layered imagery and reworking of the negative space became a constant throughout the work.

Daniels enjoys capturing the expressionist energy within an image and have been moving away from the abstract to more recognisable pieces, whilst still retaining painterly qualities. Interpretation of his work can be found between humour and light, with a blend of the naïve and melancholic, self-reflective darkness, beyond the literal and obvious.

These works are ‘observations’. Observations of the human condition; observations of the day-to-day thoughts that can become a fine thread which connects us all.

The artist's intention is for a brief pause, a reflection and a bit of a think.