Dave Behrens - The Colour Within

Wednesday 10 - Saturday 27 May 2023


Dave Behrens commenced painting in acrylics in 2002 to explore the theme of identity. It’s a theme that investigates predominately the identity of self, yet he is also drawn to the concept of exploring identity in a broader sense.

Behrens uses mark-making, pattern forming and colour to express these ideas. There’s an intention to use colour and association to commit ideas to address this expression. The process of identity can be creative or destructive, yet the artist's purpose is to be creative, using known concepts and mixing them with unique attributes to form positive outcomes.

He is influenced by ancient cultures, science fiction and popular culture and how they use ideas and elements to be identifiable. Behrens has undertaken a journey of self-discovery through his art practice and from that journey flows the expression of the energy of colour and movement in the form of his art. His intention is to draw the viewer in to explore his works and to interpret as they view it.