David Simpson - 'Melbourne Sketchbook'

Wednesday 23 March - Saturday 9 April 2022

Over a long life I have had the opportunity to live all over the world. Born in Canada, my education took me to London; my career took me to Chicago, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Melbourne and New York. All were exciting places to reside but I can say without hesitation that Melbourne is the best city on the planet. We came back in 2004 and have made it home ever since.

I had not done any art since high school. Fifty plus years on, I was encouraged by my wife to return to it as my professional life was winding down. Lockdowns during Covid were tedious but provided ample time to practice and learn more about water colour. It seemed natural to paint local scenes as a starting point.
This exhibition, my first, is meant as a personal tribute to the world’s most liveable (and interesting) city.