Dinusha Joseph - 'Secret Wanderings'

Wednesday 16 June - Saturday 3 July 2021 - NEW DATES

These paintings are a journey in which the painted surface is a gateway to an imagined space.

The abstract images are constructed of shapes from the artist's imagination and visual memory. Dinusha Joseph uses layering of colour to build form. The works typically emerge from a number of layers. At each stage, the brush follows shadows and forms that emerge from the paint itself. These forms are influenced by organic shapes found in nature as well as the forms within the built environment. They are not painted from any specific images. Rather, they emerge from the convergence of memory and mood.

Whilst painting, Joseph adds and subtracts imagery by scraping back the paint and re-applying, as well as overlaying colours and tones. This process of coming and going within the piece creates a history within the painting and which generates a narrative feel. In this process, Joseph is seeking to find the right balance.

The artist hopes to build up, within the painting, an opening for the viewer, to forms which create a world within themselves.