Editions 2021

Wednesday 27 January - Saturday 13 February 2021

Curated by Keith Lawrence


It’s January/February, so it must be time for Tacit’s annual group print exhibition highlighting the breadth of printmaking in Victoria. New premises (again!) sees the ninth edition of Editions, an exhibition previously described by Imprint magazine as the go-to event for Victorian printmakers.

We continue to strive to celebrate the diverse aesthetic qualities inherent within printmaking media, a celebration of tradition whilst embracing contemporary innovations within the printed form. And whilst we have said it before, it is worth repeating. An established exhibition of such scale provides a safe platform for artists ranging from emerging to more established to explore new and exciting print processes and approaches to image-making. Thus, we see the landscape imagery of Paula McLoughlin and her approach to screen prints on an extraordinary scale – 112 x 228 cm – juxtaposed with Jasmin Isobe’s mountainscapes and her minute, delicate monotypes. Susan Wald uses colour for the first time in her monotypes whilst Carl de Jager and his aesthetic sees him exhibit for the first time in Australia.

Much of the work seen in this year’s Editions has been created during the isolation of 2020 and the associated sense of change in our daily realities. A sense of yearning, of introspection, pervades many of the works – whilst in others, there’s a lowering of the mask to look outward and beyond. We have always looked for Editions, upon visiting the exhibition, to overwhelm visitors by the sheer sense of labour and time-spent that is worthy of celebration and respect. 2020 and our experiences, collectively and individually, will certainly help endorse that understanding of the notion of time – and to remind people: Editions celebrates both the artist and the art.

Participating artists: Manjula Atukorala, Maria Barbaro, TJ Bateson, Peter Brown, Jennifer Buntine, Yvonne Day, Peter Garnick, Elizabeth Hickey, Carl de Jager, Lana de Jager, Silvi Glattauer, Jackie Gorring, Hyun Ju Kim, Jasmin Isobe, Marketa Kemp, Damon Kowarsky, Anita Laurence, Chris Lawry, Jan Liesfield, Priscilla Manthey, Paula McLoughlin, Robert Mihaljovski, Karen Neal, Helen Oliver-Skuse, Laura Osborne, Gaye Paterson, Lisa Sewards, Ruth Stanton, Susan Wald, Jo Walkden-Harris & Andrew Weatherill