RESCHEDULED DATES: Wednesday 10 - Saturday 27 November 2021


Form is a collection of ceramic works by individual artists who each address the creation of their work quite differently, but who all consider form, materiality and surface.

Angela Hayes
Angela Hayes’ work originates from the study of the classic pouring vessel. The lip, the body, the foot and the handle are evolved into contemporary architectonic forms which depart from the functional constraints of the vessel and become, instead, a receptacle for her artist’s voice.

Pauline Meade
Pauline Meade’s forms are tall with elongated shadows and have surfaces that reference the dry sclerophyll landscape where her memories began.

Lauren Joffe
Form has allowed Lauren to think about her work on a larger scale, creating a sculpture comprised of stacked protuberant spheres precariously arranged into a tower. The ceramic spheres appear weightless, each layer teetering over the other, threatening to fall, yet gently supporting each other’s balance, which Lauren sees as a metaphor for joy and the ability to conquer the impossible.

Danielle Segal
Danielle Segal’s work is inspired by the earth and forms found in nature. Using the qualities of clay, glazes and found materials she creates richly textured surfaces and forms that reflect her observations.

Rosanna Caldwell
Gardens are where we find nature at its most domestic and accessible and it is the garden surrounding the coastal home and studio of Rosanna Caldwell that inspires the sculptural vessels she creates. Through objects conveying a memory of nature, Rosanna seeks to create a link between the external environment and the more enclosed spaces of a domestic interior, reminding us how nature subtly enriches our lives.