Gwen Scott - 'Pomona Redux'

Wednesday 29 November - Saturday 17 December 2017

Three solo exhibitions of her Pomona series in 2016/17 has seen Gwen Scott, in these mostly smaller works, explore the theme of the ancient mythological goddess by using a variety of fruit trees, motifs and colours.

The reduction technique used enables Scott to make a multi-coloured print with the use of a simple linoleum black. Individual colours are built up by progressively cutting away sections of the block, printing the colour and repeating the process until the block is reduced or completely destroyed. Result is the final print needs to be identified in advance of the first press - there’s no going back to modify or increase the edition! Included in the exhibition is Pomona Dreaming of Her Nemesis - one of the 10 works selected for the 2016 Print Council of Australia Print Commission.