Ilona Jetmar - Sequence#1

Wednesday 17 April - Sunday 5 May 2024

Click here for artwork by Ilona Jetmar

Time alters memory until only a flash remains – a flash of colour, a flash of light, a flash of pain. Imagery whether still or moving helps us to reminisce of a time past but they do not necessarily help us to remember the exact event. They show we were there, but they show a perspective that only others can attest to since we can never see ourselves in the moment in this way. Memory is like that – it is more connected with emotions, more connected with our bodily experience than really remembering being a part of the actual event. The memory of this event for me has reduced to flashes of colour, flashes of light and the memory of pain now an embodied experience that causes me to shy away from the same type of shoes.

So it is with Sequence#1 for me. I remember that red was always the colour chosen for me in the costuming; I remember the pain in my feet from the shoes that I hated wearing and I remember that I knew the whole dance – whereas now the whole set of sequences are not even present in blur form in my mind. Now I can attempt to follow the steps that have become transformed through the translation process and in doing so I can attempt to connect to the memories that, I muse, must be buried somewhere deep in my psyche.