Jennifer Marshall - 'On Reflection'

Wednesday 24 August - Saturday 10 September 2022


Click here for artwork by Jennifer Marshall

‘Air listens’, light interrogates and darkness and shadows conceal, but colour endows emotional pitch. In Jennifer Marshall’s latest body of work all these fundamental qualities are used to address the power of natural forces, the mystery of the unknown and states of reflection. Yet it is in the degree to which she invests her images of the sea and land with luminosity and depth by using colour and tonal drifts to direct currents of light and shade across the painted surface, or the pull and drag of waves, that a kind of sonic visual reverberation and enticing mystery is achieved. Each stroke of pigment formulates the next colour, interweaving and structuring the composition and empowering it with emotive and cognitive content: Colour as a form of thought … in which laws, moods, commitments are suspended like ghost specimens, writes T.J. Clark. 

The very title of Marshall’s exhibition, On Reflection, suggests her art is about contemplation and the state of our mortal mirror. They belong in no small part to the metaphysical realm and operate at allegorical levels....

(Opening paragraphs of exhibition catalogue as written by Sheridan Palmer).