Julia Sant-Mire - 'Artefacts From an Indistinct Future'

Wednesday 4 - Sunday 29 July 2018 

“Rich in mythology, story and dream, Julia Sant Mire presents us with a collection of hand-made objects that speak to multiple-layered narratives derived both from personal experience and mythological stories.

These objects are presented as non-commercial entities, their sole purpose to sit as an offering of Sant Mire’s deep connectedness to empowering objects with an embedded truth. Her objects are often gifted to those who can support a spiritual relationship to the object.

We are presented with these objects within a curated space preciously elevated in their importance and all that is contained within these distilled kaleidoscopic containers of story. Breaking convention, these constructions are void of didactic instruction, encouraging the viewer to explore as if discovered or found through exploration. Consequently, none of the work is for sale although a plea in writing may result in the object finding a home.”

TJ Bateson, Curator