Julie Edgar - 'Cuba Revisited'

Wednesday 15 August - Sunday 9 September 2018 

“The original inspiration for Cuba Revisited was a trip I made to Cuba in 2004, where I explored not only Havana, but also much of the western half of the island. Some of the prints were made immediately after I returned from this inspiring journey, but others have recently been created based on my memories of the experience and sketches and photographs made on location. I have also included a bronze portrait inspired by the multicultural residents of Cuba.

While in no way claiming to be comprehensive in scope, the trip provided an opportunity to experience first-hand the vibrancy, resilience and resourcefulness of the people and exposed the exotic nature of the country. Cuba has complex origins with British, Spanish and strong American connections. Slavery was a sad, brutal part of its early history and colonial domination forged much of the environment. Revolutionary spirit shaped its recent history and its proximity to the US has been a constant influence.

These linocut prints provide some impressions of life in Cuba. In its crumbling confusion, there is an exotic and joyful sense of life. Patchwork facades on once elegant buildings, people on doorsteps and balconies surveying life in the street, pre-1960s US cars, cobbled together with assorted parts, all make up this impression and are depicted in the prints in this exhibition.”