Julie Hall - 'Tracing the Path'

Wednesday 21 November - Sunday 16 December 2018

"Coastal ramblings along the Bellarine have provided me with a magnitude of material for this series of works, particularly in response to the ephemeral nature of light and the play of shadows on paths.

Following largely man-made pathways, the intrigue for me is in the profusion of growth and the regeneration of wild, tangled foliage highlighted by bursts of shimmering light as you make way through the enveloping passages. The patterns and marks created by our presence in the environment are enhanced by the elements. The coastal ecology is constantly evolving, degenerating and regenerating and seasonal changes bring diversity to the effects of light on forest canopies, foliage and branches.

The aim is to instil each painting with a sense of mystery and elicit an emotive response in the viewer. There is a certain ambiguity about the compositions, rich colour and deep shadows beguile and entice, anticipating the journey beyond, - the pathway being a universal metaphor for life."