Julie Keating - 'Still'

Wednesday 12 - Sunday 30 November 2014


“This project began as an exploration of 17th century Dutch still life genre, discovering how the meticulous depiction of objects could address a modern audience. This involved more than simply updating the objects depicted, which has been done many times before. It also meant addressing the compositional nature of still life, moving away from the complex, chaotic virtuoso performances characteristic of the Pronkstilleven.

"In my paintings, I look to create a sense of stillness, quietness, a timeless place to contemplate things. In continental breakfast, for example, the detail from the Osias Beert’s painting directly contrasts with the simplicity of the contemporary table. In a way that is a metaphor for what I try to achieve in painting still life. In my compositions I aim to concentrate attention on the individual objects, often with an implied narrative: making the inanimate animate. Sometimes I like to see that even the beautiful can have a touch of sinister or that the innocent can have a dark side."

Julie Keating, September 2014