Julie Puchalski - 'Interior Configurations'

Wednesday 16 October - Sunday 10 November 2019


“In this latest series of paintings, I have worked with images of interior scenes. My work has taken as its focus the objects within these scenes, their shapes and textures and how these elements can be configured.

I have considered the notion of the commonplace domestic world throughout my work and used images of familiar items, such as chairs and textiles, to represent this everyday world. By taking a variety of focal points and working within an open-ended composition I hope to bring attention to and present another angle of looking at these items.

In our daily routines we take objects and place value on them and give them meaning. This placement is also reflected in how we:
-arrange carefully
-throw carelessly
-hang usefully
-position decisively
-strew haphazardly

This is the way live in our domestic world and has become the foundation of the compositions of the paintings I am presenting.

Pablo Picasso once said We must not discriminate between things, where things are concerned there is no class distinctions. We must pick-out what is good for us, where we can find it. My work has taken things from ordinary life. I have picked-out what has been good for me in order to configure a variety of interiors with selected items that have been placed within these settings.”