Kasia Fabijanska - 'North'

Wednesday 14 April - Saturday 1 May 2021


Click here for artwork by Kasia Fabijanska

"It appeared both poignant and curious to me that most of this work is based on landscapes of the northern hemisphere. Curious because it must have a magnetic attraction for me, triggering something embedded in my first memories of nature and Poland. Poignant because the last year has suddenly increased the distance and created new obstacles to reach these places.

The work is usually never just about the landscape, it is about where one can go while standing still in it. It is also an accumulation of years of moments in nature walking, looking, thinking in it. There is a purpose to the abstract parts of the compositions: rhythmic lines, the dark areas and the voids and that is to render something that can’t be easily explained in words.

The Elders print was a commissioned project for the Print Council of Australia with support from Creative Victoria. (Imprint, vol. 55, no.4). Belinda Briggs wrote an essay and I created a print that reflected on our respective homelands: Briggs’ Yorta Yorta/Wemba Wemba lands that encompass the Barmah/Moira forest and wetlands on the Murray River, and mine, the Puszcza Kampinoska – an ancient riverine forest northwest of Warsaw and not far from my birthplace."