Keiko Goto - 'Bukimi'

Wednesday 26 October - Saturday 12 November 2022

The photographs featured in the exhibition Bukimi are of Australian native plants and fruits that the artist finds locally in Brisbane. The images are taken with an 8 x 10" large format camera using black & white films, developed and printed by Keiko Goto herself. Using a large format camera helps direct the attention to a deeper, under the surface, shape or texture of the objects to what lies under and beyond. One thing Keiko admires in Australian culture is the strength of lives in sometimes harsh environment but still able to see the humorous side to it.  

'Bukimi' is the Japanese word for mythical, strange and eerie. By using a large format camera, it helps to explore and concentrate on the essence of the subjects under the surface.  With the aid of Goto's imagination and the technical characteristics of the large format camera, the images captured lead the viewers to another world beyond reality to an imaginary world.  
Viewers may recognise what the photographer sees or they may go further into their own fantasy world triggered by Goto's images.