Keiko Goto - 'Infinity'

Wednesday 12 - Sunday 30 July 2017


“We make decisions in life without really knowing what the future holds for us. We hope for positive outcomes but really nothing is certain.  

I like to see the future in a brighter tone, captured here with upwards movements to rejoice the present with appreciation. Trees grow upwards towards the sun for their source of food. Paths, whether they are abandoned railway trucks, roads, or footprints of a cow and her calf, all show their own connection to the future or past. When you look up into the night sky, star trails created from earth’s rotation tell you that we are part of the greater universe.

I am a quiet observer among all these, capturing the images because each image resonateswith something deep inside me - perhaps triggered from my personal experiences in life. What can you feel from these photographs?

My style of photography is black and white film taken with an old camera (1938) and then printing these photos by myself in a darkroom using silver gelatine archival fibre paper.” 

Keiko Goto, June 2017