Kerrilee Ninnis - 'Remains to be seen'

Wednesday 27 April - Sunday 15 May 2016


This body of photographs was originally begun in response to the theme of childhood, following the artist's interests in nostalgia, memory and narrative. Using toys, books and other objects left behind by loved ones or collected along a journey, these images weave together favourite themes of children, motherhood, sentimental objects, history, preservation and loss.

Even the process of creation was nostalgic as they were shot on Ninnis' beloved 645 medium format camera in black and white film. She listened with satisfied glee to the click and wind of the old mechanisms with each frame.

Various images suggest narratives and others incorporate plays on words. Some of those stories incorporate fact, as in the case of her great grandfather, William Ninnis, and his father, James, who shut him in to practice the violin – and that truly is his instrument. Other photographs simply imply their tales and the human experiences related to them. The Australian dream plays on the desire to own the suburban house and car but the prince and his sleeping bride are forever on separate sides of the doorway. And most of us have experienced those childhood moments when falling shadows create frightening entities beyond themselves.

These keepsakes fascinate Kerrilee Ninnis and trigger memories and fantasies alike. So many lives have touched them, and the fullness of their stories still remains to be seen.