Kevin Foley

"My studio is located on a small farm near the central Victorian township of
Mia Mia. The images I create are inspired by what I see around me every day on the farm and in the district. Sometimes humorous, always literal, the objects, animals and landscape continually offer up a feast of challenging opportunities. They allow me to interpret the common place that I encounter throughout my day."

Kevin Foley

(Foley's most recent (2019/20) body of work represents a temporary change of direction as the work is based on a recent trip to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies).

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Recent exhibitions include

2020 20[2020], Tacit Galleries, Melbourne; Editions, Tacit Galleries 2019 Christmas Show, Bridget McDonnell Gallery, Melbourne; Christmas Show, Cascade Gallery, Maldon; What the Light Touches, Port Jackson Press, Melbourne; Splendacious, Neo Space, Melbourne; The Journey of Violets, Printmaker Gallery, Melbourne; Drawing from the Line, Cascade Gallery 2018 The Australian Landscape, Port Jackson Press; Rural Survey, Lauriston Press, Kyneton; Editions, Tacit Galleries 2017 The Forest, Printmaker Gallery; Editions, Tacit Contemporary, Melbourne 2016 Tracing the Line, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, NSW; The Farm, Bridget McDonnell Gallery; Editions, Tacit Contemporary 2015 Wrap Up, Port Jackson Press; Beastarium, Dubbo Regional Gallery, NSW; Paddock to Paper, Lauriston Press 2014 Print 25, Whitehorse ArtSpace, Melbourne; Editions, Tacit Contemporary 2013 Sydney Contemporary Art Fair; The Tree, Cascade Gallery 2012 Prints, Nindooinbah Woolshed, Queensland; Outback Prize, Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, NSW; Art Melbourne; Biting Issues, Central Goldfields Art Gallery, Maryborough; Rural Stack, Port Jackson Press 2011 Country Trail, Lauriston Press; Outback Prize, Broken Hill; Pressing Issue, Castlemaine Biennial