Lesley Dickman - Yarra Dreamscapes

Thursday 9 Nov - Sunday 17 Dec 2017

Click here for artwork by Lesley Dickman

"Surrounded by space and light and a sense of freedom are vivid memories of my childhood living in the Yarra Valley. My recent paintings entitled Valley Dreamscapes are a reflection of images from past and present, of the now where large areas of land is given over to grapevines for wine production, of tents and constructions for entertainment, bed and breakfasts along with the remnants of the old lime quarry waiting to be converted into a suburb. I grew up in an era when we and our dogs roamed freely, our time enriched by fresh air and nature.

There was an innocence about our childhood that has been lost in today’s fractured world. Yet, despite progress and industry, the beauty and sense of peace and tranquillity of the valley endures."

Lesley Dickman