Lillian Bateson - 'A glimmer of light in the dark'

Wednesday 19 April - Saturday 6 May 2023


Click here for artwork by Lillian Bateson

Lillian Bateson is a Melbourne-based painter classically trained in design, fashion and textiles. This has influenced her desire to explore surface and the reflection of light. As colours shift through tonality and intensity, they begin to contour the space and objects within a confined space.

Bateson is interested in investigating the relationship light has with the surfaces around it and how that can be expressed through shapes, colour and movement. Light and shadows are used to create visual texture across the surface.

A glimmer of hope in the dark is a series of paintings that investigates reflection, light, space and time to express visual fields of density where a rectangle of light gives way to a meditative state of making, serving as reflection of contemplation, time and space.