Linda Pickering - 'Construct'

Wednesday 26 September - Sunday 21 October 2018


Click here for artwork by Linda Pickering

The works in this exhibition are part of an ongoing exploration of the aesthetic possibilities of within the context of abstraction. I am interested in how a single decision can lead a work on a path going in one direction, leaving others undiscovered. I like to explore the idea of alternative outcomes by using the same set of parameters for the first and each subsequent painting, such as a restricted colour palette and simple organic and geometric shapes. By prioritising intuition over structured planning, the works are allowed to develop organically, each work responding to its predecessor. This painting is therefore one variation of many possible outcomes.

Living in the city and walking through it every day is a mixture of chaos and calm, but there is no shortage of inspiration. I love the sharp geometry of modern buildings, the ornate details on older structures and the soft organic shapes of city green areas. Colour and pattern in random objects and what people are wearing, catch my eye and will find their way into my work. Painting is a way of subconsciously sorting this visual chaos into some sort of meaningful order.