Linda Pickering - 'Insights [Redux]'

Wednesday 21 March - Sunday 22 April 2018

Click here for artwork by Linda Pickering

“The work in this exhibition is the latest series in an ongoing exploration of the aesthetic possibilities within the context of abstraction. The transformation of shape and colour allows for the visualisation of a personal experience of reality. When moving through the world, we perceive objects to overlap and sit next to each other, changing as we pass by, continually forming new relationships.

I am inspired by the juxtaposition of natural and man made structures found in my surroundings. Just as we impose manufactured elements on our natural environment, we attempt to personalise our domestic environments by introducing natural elements. I am also interested in exploring the way in which endless unique outcomes can be created within strict parameters.

My work uses a restricted colour palette and a common starting point of simple, organic shapes. By prioritising intuition over structured planning, the works are allowed to develop organically, each work responding to its predecessor. Once the organic shapes in my works have developed, I introduce geometric components to balance the image.”
Linda Pickering, July 2017