Linda Weil - 'Grimm Visions'

Wednesday 14 September - Saturday 1 October 2022

Click here for artwork by Linda Weil

The Grimm Brother’s stories were not originally intended for children but were a collection of traditional German folk tales meant to be read by adults. Comical, instructive or tragic, they are not strictly speaking ‘fairy tales’ but observations on life and moral lessons. Often, they include dark themes, violence, sex, revenge, and murder. Good usually triumphs over evil but the punishments to the evil doers are harsh.

Over the decades, the tales have been watered down from the original dark and violent story and turned into something that is sweeter and more child friendly. From a young age the original tales inspired and enthralled, yet often left me with disturbing images. Magical beasts unfairly taken advantage of by cunning boys or conniving wives, golden princesses bartered off to one gormless prince or another. Evil stepmothers, ineffectual fathers, brothers turned into birds on a random word. Cautionary stories of wandering off the path or letting strangers into your tower. In this exhibition I have taken a few of my favourite stories and have tried to express some of the original or darker side to the story behind the fairy tale façade.