Lloyd Pereira - 'The light that returns each night (my unfolding)'

Wednesday 16 June - Saturday 3 July 2021 - NEW DATES

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Lloyd Pereira’s monumental black and white photographs of Durvillaea present themselves as grand photographic portraits that are inextricably images of ourselves. The silvery light traces every intricate twist and crevasse of this bull kelp to reveal each distinct and expressive character. The artist has painstakingly painted their forms with the diffused light of a torch in otherwise complete darkness. Circling the suspended specimen, he crafts a multifaceted portrayal that references the microscopic building blocks of our being while still resonating with echoes from the dawn of the universe.

Pereira finds a way to represent the barely visible, those things hidden away from the naked eye. Utilising the humble contortions of bull kelp, Pereira references the world of molecular structure

(Opening paragraphs from the exhibition catalogue as written by Kerrilee Ninnis)