Louise Donovan - Here & There

Wednesday 13 - Saturday 30 September 2023


Click here for artwork by Louise Donovan

Louise Donovan and her solo Here & There now open and running until 20 September. This eclectic mix of prints has one thing in common and that is they all share the touch of Donovan’s hand. Her ability to transform what she sees into what she feels through the medium of printmaking is unparalleled.

A master of drypoint, her energy is felt within the scratched and burnished plates, her immediacy replicated in the inking and wiping back. On the surface, this somewhat crudeness must not be confused with the integrity of Donovan’s process, constantly evidencing her love of the overlooked. An ordinary vision becomes extraordinary at her hand.

As Louise moves between Melbourne and Creswick, she captures images in her inimitable style - quick sketches on paper or directly onto copper plates. Moments from Port Philip Bay to views out of the backdoor.