Mel Kerr - 'Conversing With Shadows'

Wednesday 16 October - Sunday 10 November 2019

“My starting point as the title of the show would suggest is the shadow and my deep fascination with it. With my previous work I used the shadow as a Freudian vehicle to explore memory, grief and loss. With this new body of work I take a more quizzical approach. I find shadows to be almost the very superego of the object that cast them. The solid form of a cup, the complexity of foliage or the translucent nature of a glass can cast the most beautifully intriguing forms. The shadows take flight as if released from their object selves and become what ever their impulsive nature wants. They can take on a transcendental form or play a delicate reflective dance of light. We can read these virtual Rorschach tests any way we desire.

The ‘conversations’ of the shadows explore still life, imagined realms and quiet moments, where the shadows are in themselves beautiful graphic spaces.”