Merrin Eirth - My Theatre of Errors

Wednesday 12 - Saturday 29 July 2023


Click here for artwork by Merrin Eirth

My Theatre of Errors visualises an appreciation of human folly, vulnerability and the perfect imperfections in humanness.

Ideas that motivate the artist are found in ambiguous zones. Peculiarities poke holes in simplified views of humanness and they do not fit neatly into our storybook fantasies. When gaps in our thinking make nonsense of the rules we construct, there is mischief indeed and humour afoot. Working on a small scale provides Eirth with perfect rarefied conditions needed to distil dense content with sensibility and purpose, wit and provocation. Intimate contact with the picture space provides an opportunity for viewers to connect with the details and herein we are more likely to have a personal exchange of ideas.

(first paragraphs of exhibition catalogue)