Milos Pelikan - 'Transform'

Wednesday 24 October  - Sunday 18 November 2018

At the base of each of the works in this series is a transformer from an everyday object, a microwave oven. Each of these appliances where discarded, designated as ‘rubbish’. Each transformer is an anchor from which springs a work derived from discarded materials repurposed as representations of the many facets of transformation. The focus of this series is transformation in its many forms - transformation of self, of perception, of our industrial foundation – in essence the process of civilisation. If considering this meme, the focus is on the recycling and repurposing of ideas – a driver of progress and invite a question - if we must change, and we must, how will you change?

Pelikan’s’ current practice involves the use recycled and transformed mundane objects to create a visual conversation about constructed and reconstituted identity. The works inhabit the tension between the positive effects of identity (the sense of community) and the negative (the culture of ‘me’). His work reflects on the binding and corrosive effects of this intrinsically human concern.