Monika Feuerstein - 'Don't Stop the Music'

Wednesday 5 - Saturday 22 May 2021

Click here for artwork by Monika Feuerstein

A large part of Monika Feuerstein's life is watching live music and being part of the thriving Melbourne Blues music scene. She also plays drums and works on the balance of art and music: to be great at both.

Don't Stop the Music is essentially two separate bodies of work merged into one exhibition. During the pandemic live music came to a halt, with musicians finding themselves in a surreal situation. This translated into Mono Chrome and the paintings whereby musicians depicted in surreal surroundings and outside of their natural performing environment.

The second series, The Love of Music, was produced a year earlier pre-COVID and looks to translate the feelings, emotions, atmosphere and intense love of music on to canvas, bringing a glimpse across how Feuerstein feels music.

Opening Night features local Blues legend Frank Sultana and an acoustic set of 2-3 songs.