Nadine Lineham - Writing a day

Wednesday 19 June - Sunday 7 July 2024

Click here for artwork by Nadine Lineham

Writing a day captures the unique ecologies and varied landforms of the natural environment while retaining a connection to memories. Sometimes this is an inner dialogue where paint seeks to question preconceptions of the artist’s world as well as attempting to make visible the poetic nuances of a place. Lineham’s intention is to capture this sense of things that are familiar but not familiar enough to give them a name, straddling a mid-point between recognition of a fleeting landscape and the sensed experience of it.

Lineham is a graduate of The University of Melbourne and has exhibited in solo and group shows across Victoria and interstate since 2006. Of note she has been shortlisted twice as a finalist for the prestigious John Leslie Art Prize, the EMSLA in NSW, and was awarded The Dick Bishop Memorial Art Prize for emerging artist in 2018-2019 at the Latrobe Regional Gallery. Her practice centres on abstraction yet remains sensitive to her surrounding natural environment in Gippsland.  Her paintings are energetic and strongly anchored in drawing that respond to structure and space. To remain flexible, Lineham paints in layers, uses palette knives, oil sticks and brushwork to create loose gestural mark-making that creates history to surfaces and this supports her visual language. Largely an intuitive artist her aesthetic straddles a mid-point between recognition of fleeting landscapes and one’s own sensed experience of it.