Paul Bishop - 'Conversations from those quiet months'

Wednesday 16 November - Saturday 3 December 2022


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‘I work in a non-figurative manner. Primarily, my current work is conditioned by the space in which it’s made, being a table in the spare room of a small apartment. This is not a lament, it’s just what it is. 

Mostly the paperworks lay about on the floor. As they are shuffled around, they strike up new conversations with one another, making new friends. Often, they’re restless and wriggle about, demanding attention. Some will even conspire, mocking me for being a shit painter and not knowing what I’m doing. I put something down, I fuck it up, I paint that out, I put something else down.

There’s often a perpetual character to this method, and for good or for ill the works tend to cannibalise one another. I’ll either act very quickly, or wait a long, long time. It’s like kabuki, but the conclusion is always based around when they’ve stopped making a fuss. When they settled down enough, then I’ll let them stand alone 

This selection of works are some conversations from those quiet months