Paulo Gil - 'Epiphany'

Wednesday 14 September - Saturday 1 October 2022

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The Colours are acts of light; its active and passive modifications: thus considered we may expect from them some explanation respecting the light itself. Theory of Colours - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

'Epiphany is a group of twelve mixed medium works on paper which unites two streams of my creative process during 2021 and 2022.

The first stream comprises a series of six polychrome structures made with black acrylic and soft pastel where a system of colour fields interacts with organic black shapes to create a stained glass architectural look. The second stream, also of six pieces, uses acrylics and ink to explore the rational use of curves, spheres and straight lines to create luminous scenes in which multiple layers of paint and ink achieve a highly textured surface.

The twelve pieces aim to explore how colour and light interact within an architectural space. In this regard, the purpose of Epiphany is to suggest that beyond the ephemeral materiality of architecture, transcendent experiences connected with memories and spiritual aspirations emerge when light and colour come up to live within those spaces. Epiphany is an invitation to the visitor to dwell as in a small shrine and experience the surprise of revelation.

This body of work is the result of coming to understand the loss of my mother. The pieces were developed in parallel during her illness and after she passed away in a process with more questions than answers. When any hope of her recovery was fading, art practice became my means of responding to that challenge and shedding light on human fragility and the power of love as two forces that shape our lives.'
Paulo Gil

To the memory of my mother Carmen Emilia Fino de Gil (1947 – 2021)