'Pulse' group exhibition

Wednesday 18 September - Sunday 13 October 2019

Curated by Keith Lawrence



- rhythmical beating, vibrating or sounding
- underlying sentiment or opinion or an indication of it

A vibrancy, a movement - overt or covert - in the work, expressed through line, broken or continuous. The architectural lines of Cat Poljski and Andrew Weatherill where shapes, lines, outlines and forms are synthesised; line and colour used by Vietta Korren-Steele to create the illusion of infinite depth; TJ Bateson’s exploration of mark that embraces and celebrates machine-made aesthetics alongside evidence of the artist hand within an immersive, visual field.

Central to Louise Gresswell’s work is the materiality of paint and surface as she investigates deeply personal histories and transfers that which is felt from hand to surface. The action of manipulating oil paint, the building up and covering of layers over time becomes a metaphor for the past. The absorption of Prue Cleland in thoughts of geological time and, by extension, the idea that our bodies are not only constituted of the same elements that we see in the landscape, but that our knowledge and our understandings also form layers and sediments over time, building and eroding, becoming exposed in different ways across our life-time - a reflection intrinsic to the work of contemporary indigenous artist Julie Robertson Nangala, whose work consists of a blend of stylised experimentation and ancient narrative in the depiction of the highly sacred womens’ site of the Mina Mina waterhole.

Featured artists: TJ Bateson, Prue Cleland, Louise Gresswell, Vietta Korren-Steele, Julie Robertson Nangala, Cat Poljski, Andrew Weatherill