Robyn Burgess - Beneath: small works

Wednesday 10 - Sunday 28 July 2024

Click here for artwork by Robyn Burgess

'I think my paintings and drawings develop in the process of ‘making’. The small works in the exhibition have links to large studio works but survive despite oscillating wildly in subject matter. They address the significance of shape, the underlying architectural form, the division of space within the frame; its geometry. Even the edge of the picture is a fascination for me.

These pictorial issues are secondary to the medium as it ‘becomes’ the message - the structure of gesture, the vastness and mystery of oil paint, of making marks and the joy and frustration of erasing them, the layering of media and the tension of revealing and covering an image or narrative. Some works might take two years to make, others two days.'

As Philip Guston said - Go to the studio, but don’t expect to know what will unfold