Robyn Burgess - 'The Watched'

Wednesday 10 - Saturday 27 March 2021 


 Click here for artwork by Robyn Burgess

A solitary woman walks in an empty art gallery.
An artist watches her watching the art.
There lies wonder, curiosity and mystery.

These small paintings were made in late 2020.

If it were not for hope the heart would break.
Thankfully, painting suspends time.
Time grips the present, acknowledges the past and returns to the illusion of an eternal present. The clock has stopped, for now.

Most of my works are large, dense oil paintings.

In this series The Watched, I sat wedged in the corner of my studio and made small paintings, perhaps as a refuge from the disintegrating world outside. Almost like movie stills, these paintings bring together different moments in time to form a narrative; standing between us and the newness of the present – a new chance.

Looking forward, looking backwards.

I hoped this work would be tender, sensual, unreachable.